Mkultra Review from Art That Melts The Heart.

Far from the regular, innovative and different. This was my first impression when I got to listen to ‘’In Your Grave’’. You know what they say about good music? It does not look for you. I found good music when I came across the rare sound and style of this band, a sound fueled by the love for what they do. Collin and Jose used to work for a couple of different group homes for kids and adults with disabilities. During their times at these places, they used their sounds to bring people with disabilities joy and go as far as demonstrating their songs to the deaf and the blind. Imagine having to resonate your sounds to a deaf person, that is what I call magical and that is what I would say ‘’In Your Grave’’ is all about. 

The making of their new song MKULTRA is one to praise and applaud because of the work put in; with extra creativity infused, an electrifying sound and a clear message of revolution and better governance. Want to know how the duo made this classic? Let me guide you. So Collin and Jose decided to take their music experience to another level by being closed doors for 3 days straight trying to create magic, one they would later call the MKULTRA EXPERIENCE. Although they admit it was very uncomfortable for them at the time they were making the video, sometimes they were freezing in the room; but because they were determined to give back a big part of their lives, they would go through the rigorous process to deliver a classic and they did just that. If you would watch the recently released lyric video of the song, you would notice the time lapse footage in the background showing the process of making such a powerful song. It took the duo a lot of discipline to make this song, the only source of entertainment that they allowed themselves were a couple instruments, some Yu-Gi-Oh cards and some books; leaving the room only to use the bathroom and having to get food delivered to them. Being confined in a place for a long time can be very uncomfortable but if you want to make an art like this, an art that melts hearts, you really have to zone out to create.

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