Enemy Lines Feedback

Now that it has been a few days since our release of “Enemy Lines”, I would like to thank everyone that listened to and shared our track. There is a lot of hard work and passion put into every one of our songs, with “Enemy Lines” being one of our personal favorites. It has been unreal to see all of you listening to it. 

“Enemy Lines” is our musical interpretation on what it would be going through your mind while left behind enemy lines during an era of war and devastation. Each line and lyric were chosen to represent the thoughts and emotions rocketing through your head within each chaotic moment. 

With that being said, we would like to reach out to you and ask if you could leave some feedback either here or in the YouTube comments section of the video. Your words are taken to heart, and allows us, as a band, to grow into something greater. 

We sincerely thank you all for listening and for all the feedback you have given us.

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